Straight No Chaser

CD Review – Dot Allison

Room 7 1/2

Arthouse Limited

Dot Allison’s voice is equal parts arresting, whimsical and annoying. On her latest album, Allison either enraptures you, or pisses you off. Her voice on tracks like the languishing “Fall to Me” is barely audible among the droning ambiance. Her collaboration with Peter Doherty (of The Libertines and Babyshambles) is a Brit-rock treat with their back-and-forth wordplay lighting up this otherwise low-key record. The harmonies with Paul Weller on the acoustic “Love’s Got Me Crazy” save the otherwise lackluster song.

I had never heard of Dot Allison before and after listening to this album, I can barely say that I’ve heard her at all. Her voice is airy, light as a feather and the music follows right along. This album did not capture my attention. The only thing it really did was put me to sleep.

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