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Cat Women of The Moon

Cat Women of The Moon

Written and Directed by Les Caulfield

Octopus’ Garden Productions

Green Venue, 2010 Orlando International Fringe Festival</strong>

While most 1950’s Sci-fi feels dry as dust today, the titles and low production values often salvage them because of some sort of camp factor. Write Director Les Caulfield took the titular 1953 pot boiler, replaced the silver nitrate with cardboard, and brought it back to life for this year’s Fringe. The dial-a-plot has a crew of barely trained spacefarers setting out for the moon, lead by hunky Captain Granger (Joe Coffey). Each crew member is pre-packaged with a motivational label on their forehead: “Doug” Douglas (Crosby Adams) wants adventure, “Walt” Walters (Freddy Ruiz) seek fortune or possibly fame, and Helen Slater (Hanna Miller) wants to prove women can make it in the vacuum of pre-NASA space. Lying in wait are the Cat Women, led by sexy Alpha (Jennifer Catalano). She has somehow infected Helen with cat germs, making her the secret commie infiltrator out to – wait. Sorry. Wrong potboiler.

So the good guys get trapped, the Cat Women make highly wanted but ultimately unfulfilling sexual advances, and we get a set of “3D” glasses to enhance the effect of the giant furry spider attack. It’s campy fun and the five Cat Women wriggle around on stage in disappointingly modest leotards and tights, dancing the sort of modern dance that even Voci won’t do. This is silly fun, and the highest praise I can offer is it doesn’t run much longer than it needs to. Plus I thought the giant spider was pretty scary.

This event is part of the 2010 Orlando International Fringe Festival. For schedule and ticket information, please visit

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