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Marley’s Ghost

Marley’s Ghost

Ghost Town

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Have you ever been to an 1800s town? There are various tourist spots in the Midwest and Great Plains that are set up like old Western towns. You walk around and see old shops like the saloon, Deputy Marshall’s, Mercantile, etc. Ghost Town by Marley’s Ghost is what should be playing in the background. Interspersing new tracks with traditional country songs, this quintet (along with Cowboy Jack Clement, who also produced the album) makes the perfect album to sit back and sip a whiskey to.

“Goodbye to Old Missoula” is a lament on an old town and how it is slowly dying. Marley’s Ghost takes on two of Jack Clement’s songs, “Got Leavin’ on Her Mind” and “Goin’ Back to Bowling Green.”

The band also pays tribute to the late bluegrass legend John Hartford (“Here I Am in Love Again”) and Warren Zevon (the stellar “She’s Too Good for Me”).

Marley’s Ghost has been together for 22 years. Having recorded nine albums and kept the same lineup, they know each other quite well, and it is obvious on Ghost Town. If you’re looking to see yourself in the old West, ridin’ your horse into town, put in this album and close your eyes.

Marley’s Ghost:

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