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Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing


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Wild Nothing, on record at least, is one man: Jack Tatum. His debut under this moniker is one dreamy, fuzzy, often-times gorgeous trip into the colorful and swirly world of synth pop.

Like those that came before (My Bloody Valentine), or those that are currently playing a similar brand of nostalgic and pretty pop music (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart), Gemini offers subtle vocals whose lyrics are less important that the vibe that emote, atop lovely little drum machine rhythms and danceable grooves. From the John Hughes film-ready “Drifter,” the hypnotically trancey “Bored Games,” and the Brit pop prettiness of “Our Composition Book,” most of these tracks would not sound out of place on ’80s night of your local dance club. This is not a criticism. I, for one, sorely miss the music of the days before cellphones, social networking sites, and more readily available free music that one could possibly hope to listen to in a lifetime.

The wonderfully reminiscent, playfully simple appeal of Gemini is worth a listen, no matter how overwhelmed your iTunes folder is at present.

Wild Nothing:

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