Straight No Chaser

CD Review – Haroula Rose (Folk album of 2011)

These Open Roads


Picture yourself in the middle of a field with nothing around for miles. Just then you hear some mid-tempo finger-pickin’ and a whispy voice barely heard over her guitar. This would be Haroula Rose and the song would be the opening track on her debut album These Open Roads. The rest of this 12-song album is a folk-lover’s dream. Guest spots by fellow folkies Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray) and Sad Brad Smith add some indie cred to an artist that is deserving of her own. Haroula’s sound puts you at ease and her voice is like audio Vicodin. It will take all your pain away and leave you refreshed. Once you are finished with this album, not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will also understand exactly why Haroula Rose is a singer/songwriter that will blow you away with barely a whisper.

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