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Christian Mistress

Christian Mistress

Agony & Opium

20 Buck Spin

Whereas for the last maybe 20 years thrash metal has been the exclusive province of European death-to-false-metal lifers like Sodom or Kreator, a recent surge of extreme metal in America (mostly of the black and doom variety) has helped Olympia’s Christian Mistress garner attention from blogs and other venues besides the usual zines and tape-traders.

Let’s put all fears of loathsome “hipster metal” aside; Christian Mistress roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrs out of the gate like all the best evil-ass ’80s thrash/speed metal. I’m talkin’ about the bands whose patches adorned the denim jacket of the tough girl who got on the school bus in front of the trailer park and sat in the back glowering while you wondered, “How is it that that a 17-year old can be in eighth grade?”

But anyway, the patches, yeah… Dark Angel, Sodom, Mercyful Fate, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, and Megadeth, that’s what Christian Mistress sounds like. All the while front woman Christine Davis gives it her best Doro Pesch/Dawn Crosby and the whole world melts in a speed metal/crossover haze. Unabashed power + chops + leather = This is the new/old good stuff.

20 Buck Spin:

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