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Lousy T-Shirt

Lousy T-Shirt

Brian Feldman Projects

Orlando Museum of Art

Orlando FL

April 7, 2011

“1st Thursday” is one of those brilliant promo things that actually gets people out to the museum to look at art, hang out with artists, and maybe even buy a little art. Booze and food don’t hurt the process either and even the Orlando Police Department showed up to do what they do best – direct traffic, and give you the evil eye.

“Lousy T-Shirt – the sign.”

But never mind that, Orlando’s Premiere Time Constrained Conceptual Performance Artist (OPTCCPA) entered the 1st Thursday fray with his latest inexplicable event he calls “Lousy T-Shirt.” Here’s the deal – you give Feldman whatever top you’re wearing, and he gives you a Lousy T-Shirt that says so. I had wind of this, and wore something I didn’t mind losing. Feldman and crew took before and after pictures, and while the t-shirt wasn’t actually lousy, all he had left were mediums and I’m a bigger man than that. Buttons were passed out, assistants assisted, the countdown clock counted down, and I was a changed man with one more art molecule in my closet. Embarrassing picture might soon be on FaceBook, but this was truly an Orlando Art Event – Thomas Thorspecken was there, inking away. So I grabbed a beer, ate a gourmet Cuban sandwich, and listened to the jazz band echoing thought the awkward acoustics of the Orlando Museum of Art. Soon it was time to leave, and a surly officer directed me to the most roundabout possible way home – cutting though the Shakespeare parking lot was a threat to city security. What could I do? They had guns, and all I had was a Lousy T-Shirt.

“The Feldman crew prepares to denude another volunteer.”

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