Straight No Chaser

CD Review – Diana Jones

High Atmosphere

Proper Records

Diana Jones knows how to transport a listener. The album opens with the opening track and instantly I’m sitting in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains around a campfire with Jones singing about the high atmosphere. “I Told the Man” is a sobering tale of a miner who is just doing his job and, as Jones cryptically sings, “I told the man/ Blue shirt, blue eyes/ That’s how you will know him/ When you find him.” Jones hits the bluegrass button on “Sister” and I find myself transported again to the open country of the Sandhills in the middle of Nebraska.

For the most part, though, Jones is a contemporary folkie who vocally channels some of the greats like Loretta Lynn and writes with a dark slant like Johnny Cash at his best. Diana Jones can transport you to tranquility, but her lyrics will leave you pondering the world long after the CD has finished.

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