Straight No Chaser

CD Review – Cold Cave

Cherish the Light Years

Matador Records

It is quite obvious that Wesley Eisold (aka Cold Cave) listened to a lot of Joy Division, The Smiths and The Cure as a kid. The 80’s-sounding industrial rock (combined with a morose album cover) leads straight to a big-hair goth revival. “The Great Pan is Dead” and “Pacing Around the Church” sound more like opening movements to a greater opus as opposed to separate songs. “Burning Sage” and “Confetti” bring back Depeche Mode memories.

Eisold says that this album is a tribute to New York City and the late night walks he would take when his family moved there. “I’ve always loved the upbeat dance songs with those kind of downer lyrics. This is a Cold Cave version of that.” It parallels the beauty and decay that swirls throughout NYC and that beauty is the music mixing with the lyrical depression to form an album any goth or industrial fan would love.

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