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CD Review – The Sea and Cake (indie-folk magic)

The Moonlight Butterfly

Thrill Jockey Records

The Sea and Cake have been making beautiful independent music for 20 years and they show no signs of slowing down with their new mini-album The Moonlight Butterfly. The entire album has a soothing feel, but each song exhibits an underlying tone that adds a depth that attaches to your soul. The title track is an aberration from the acoustic set in that it is completely electronic. It sounds like an audio-pixilated butterfly and while it doesn’t sound like it goes with the rest of the album, the track is a refreshing break from the laid-back grooves that permeate the album.

“Up on the North Shore” is more upbeat, while “Lyric” takes a darker tone and the 10+ minute “Inn Keeping” has a Phish-like jam band feel until it fades into an electronic dream ala Sufjan Stevens. All of this is wrapped in a cozy audio blanket and served warm for your listening pleasure. Enjoy is a nice cup of tea or coffee and let The Sea and Cake take your cares away.

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