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Well… Since You Asked!

Well… Since You Asked!

With Kate O’Neal

Written by Kate O’Neal and Jay Hopkins

Directed by Jay Hopkins

Jester Theatre Company

The Garden Theatre, Winter Garden Fl </strong>

Hello World, meet Kate O’Neal! She’s a professional singer, occasional actor and all around Chatty Cathy tonight in Winter Garden. I came for her singing, laughed at her stories and left feeling liked I’ve know her for years. She’s been around the block once or twice and describes herself as a cougar in training, but still has kids camping out at home. While she’s changing the locks we hear about her past, her philosophy of life and an even few beauty tips. Her opening number was penned by local funnyman Jay Hopkins and arranged by Jim Rhinehart, but I’m not sure if Mr. R was lurking backstage or was reduced to a digital helper. Between songs, she pulls “audience questions” out of a candy dish and launches into personal stories, but somehow I Think these questions might possible have come from a professional comedian who knows how to set up a joke.

A precocious youngster, Kate began by singing good old Catholic tunes like “Immaculate Mary” and then progressed to much less immaculate tunes, her mother forbade her from singing “It’s All The Same” for the second grade talent show. As she matured, she sang in local cover bands, graduated to country and opened for The Judd’s and other bands you might pay real money to see. Finally, she graduated to show tunes and has stood so low as to get health benefits from a certain local entertainment giant. Cross her, and she might spray round up on your begonias, but she could be your friend if your ever in hospice. The gags were fun, but I could have done with few more tunes. I’m hoping this is a show in progress and Kate will return with more music.

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