Straight No Chaser

CD Review – Dub Trio


Sick Im Kid Music

Upon first listening to the fourth album from Dub Trio, I realized right from the beginning only one thing: These three guys are three of the most talented musicians I’ve heard in a long time. On the opening track alone, “En Passant,” drummer Joe Tomino sounds like he’s playing three separate drum beats that are layered one upon another. Bassist Stu Brooks lays the foundation with an assault rivaled by few, while Dave “DP” Holmes makes the guitar scream with equal parts John Frusciante and Jack White. The further you get into the album, however, you realize they don’t quit, they just morph. From the almost speed metal intro of “Swarm,” they drop to a pulse midway through and make your heartbeat sync with theirs. It’s simply amazing. This album is one of the best (and is the most unique) metal albums of the year.

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