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Lords of Acid

Lords of Acid

Deep Chills

Metropolis Records

Some people think rock and roll is just code talk for sex and drugs, and if all they ever heard was Lords of Acid, how could you blame them? In the heyday of raves (say, 1991) The Lords splashed big with “I Sit on Acid,” whose hook is best printed here with excessive punctuations: “Come on dear, **** me in the ****.” I’m sure you can Google the rest. Well, lead singer and sex toy collector Praga Khan has returned with her first album since 2000’s Farstucker and while it plows no new fields, it’s a solid add-on to her oeuvre of oversexed dance music.

Opener “Little Mighty Rabbit” isn’t subtle; it’s more an infomercial for a personal massage device and not likely to get airplay on Clear Channel. The 14 tracks here thump thump through the Kama Sutra and the Fetish Map: “Long John” explores bikers cross dressing, “Sole Sucker” shows the erotic potential of Designer Shoe Warehouse, “Pop That Tooshie (featuring Alana Evans)” revisits the focus of most rap videos, and I’m sure there’s something here that will excite that little sliver of your brain you never told mama about.

Musically, the sound maps closely to what you would expect – throbbing beats, strong hooks and chorus power pop structures, and reasonably clear vocals. I love the cover; it features a little cartoon for each song from Karl Kotas and recalls Janis Joplin’s Cheap Thrills cover by Robert Crumb.

If Deep Chills departs from Khan’s earlier styles, I’d say her drift is toward The B52’s or The Bangles. This is Riot grrrl power pop, danceable and fun and you can sing along just so long as the kiddies can’t hear you.

Lords of Acid: http://www.metropolis-records.com

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