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I’m Saving It For Paul

I’m Saving It For Paul

Written and directed by Nicole Carson

Starring Robyn Scrivener and John Reid Adams

Flaming Pie Productions

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Red Venue</strong>

What teenage girl in 1963 wouldn’t want to lose her virginity to Paul McCartney (Adams)? While John Lennon (Anthony R Smith) may be sexier, only the slutty girls like him, girls like Martha’s (Scrivener) Aunt Sadie (Tabatha Rox). Martha would do anything to meet Paul, privately, in a slinky night gown, armed only with prophylactics and girlish dreams. Sadie gets around and can arrange such a meeting, although Martha will be competing with more jaded and experienced girls (Claire Ghezzi, Mellissa Cooper, and Lyn Adams.) When she finally does meet this fresh faced mop top, it’s not quite the lust filled orgy she hoped for, it turns out Paul is a truly nice and caring boy who doesn’t want to be prosecuted for cradle robbing.

Light and fluffy, this isn’t quite a love story and isn’t quite a fantasy but rather a “what if?” speculative fiction. Martha is loveable and cute but seems much more sexually aggressive than you would expect from an early sixties teen. Her Guido-styled boy friend (Mr. Smith again) works better, he’s crude and sexist and ready to slap Martha around as soon as it’s legal. The best man on stage was Adams’ Paul, he not only looked like McCartney, he sounded perfectly Liverpudlian thanks to Bret Carson’s dialect coaching. The other high entertainment value cast member was Tabatha Rox, in her intimidating wig and raw sexuality she clearly sent the message “I’m willing to corrupt my niece if that’s what she really wants, and I’ll even pass up my cut of the fee.” I will say this: this story is packed with True Beatles Facts and it’s written by an expert with whom do not recommend arguing fine points of the Beatles’ career.

This commentary is based on a pre-Fringe exhibition. Your mileage may vary.

This show is part of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets and other information may be found at http:\

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