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Getting to Know Who?

Getting to Know Who?

Play de Luna

Art’s Sake Studios

Winter Park, FL</strong>

It’s another round of rollicking theater and exotic type fonts in the cramped confines of Art’s Sake, here’s what all the fuss is about:

“A Little Help from the Audience” (Written by John Connon, Directed by Simon Needham) introduces us to a couple on vacation in Orlando. Sharron (Crystal Gettings) is drunk on overpriced theme park alcohol, Bill (Billy Askew) smells like a cinnamon cookie and has really angry biceps. He’s here to humor Sharron, but draws the line at being The Guy Dragged On Stage. Rollicking and well-rehearsed cowboy Chase (Jason Fusco) hunts them down in the hotel room, and does what he’s trained for – he gets us in the palm of his hand. You can tell this was written by a man who gets paid to make fools out of tourists.

“The Mugging” (W: John Connon, D: Rowan Bousaid) introduces us to some new ideas in street crime. Derek Angell needs some quick cash, Terri Ganey understand motivation. But she points out Derek merely WANTS money, he doesn’t NEED it bad enough. It’s solid acting lesson for both Derek and us observers, but probably not a realistic defense tactic on the mean streets of Winter Park

It’s all about emotional breakdown and leveling up in “Life Coming Up” (W: Sharyn Rothstein, D: Jennifer Jarackas). This gem also gives us the best line the night: “Depression is like perpetual acid reflux” quoth Abby (Lindsay Hall), and I think Chris (Jay Sevilla) agrees.

Beverly (Summer Perkins) has an eating issue in “The Chocolate Affair” (W: Stephanie Alison Walker D: Yvonne Suhor). She highjacked here daughter’s Halloween stash and retires to a cheap hotel to wolf it down. Just like those pesky Christmas Ghosts, Mr. Goodbar (Asiel Gonzales) and the sexy M&M (Sierra Vemeyer) call her to task: How can she do this too her child, and should she be sharing with us?

Intermission. People still smoke.

More obsession rakes a relationship in “The Transformation of Linda” (W: Sheldon Senek D:David Meneses) There’s an ex, a stalking and I can’t remember the rest, but I like the anti chemistry between Linda (Rachel Thomson) and Randy (Daniel Baldock)

I’ve heard of this stuff, and by Jove here’s another example. In “Mrs. Jansen Isn’t Here Right Now” (W: Steve Kobar, D: Derek Angell) Chris (Chris Walker) is a defrocked priest hanging out at Benny’s Zebra Lounge. It’s almost last call and he’s buying a drink for lapsed Catholic Mary Margaret (Dina Saunders). He’s her naughty school girl fantasy, wink wink nudge nudge, but deep down it’s all just foreplay.

“High Speed Disconnect” (W: Chris Wideny, D: Stephanie Wilson) is tonight’s cell phone-centric relationship piece, Will Martha (Ayla Parsons) hook up with David (Rowan Bousaid) or will the clutter of too much communication doom them? Beats me.

We wrap up with the kinky “Swing” (W: Thomas J Misuraca, D: John Connon) Ted (James Woodrich) wants tenure and he needs to get on the good side of George (Stan Madras). Ted’s wife Martha (Bethany Ilene Wedlund) drinks a bit too much but is open to anything including George’s wife Sandy (Jennifer Jarackas). Things are swinging a bit too far for Ted, and yeah, the write was messing with Albee’s naming convention. I hope he didn’t get me confused, but Ted sure is.

They pulled in a packed house on a Sunday night, and it was worth the elbows in my ribs. Go with someone you care to sit close to.

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