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Greg Friedman

Greg Friedman

Can’t Talk Now


Butt-kicking pop music with rockin’ guitars, rousing anthems, and heart-touching romance. How does one man pull it off? Must be something about a trip to the crossroads, but however Mr. Friedman achieved balladeer godhead, you’ll be impressed by this collection.

Begin with “Melancholy Melody,” one of the most happy and powerful ballads I’ve heard in months. The lyrics are gentle, the guitars urgent and rising, and once we are under way, the rock and roll is gripping. I’ll skip ahead to “Zombies and Cannibals.” There’s a reggae riff under this quirky tune, and we hear “you travel the continent in search of free condiments” which brings up a good question: are brains better with béarnaise sauce? “Pancake, I Love You” is a love song with a gentle folk guitar line and touching lyrics, but it leaves open this question: breakfast food or lover or hamster?

Greg Friedman can deliver rocking goodness when necessary, but the best parts of his work are the intimate indie love songs and engaging lyrics. Listen to this collection and you will know it’s time to fall in love again.

Greg Friedman:

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