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Crazy For Gershwin

Crazy For Gershwin

Conceived by Roy Alan

Written by Todd Allen Long

Directed by Rob Winn Anderson

Choreographed by Rob Winn Anderson and Roy Alan

Musical Direction by Christopher Leavy

Winter Park Playhouse, Winter Park FL</strong>

Winter Park Playhouse – the only theatre in town with a “100% Audience Hug Guarantee.” And tonight we’re not just here for the hugs, but to examine a slice of the work of the Gershwin Brothers, one of America’s most productive music writing teams. The Gershwin’s did most of their work in the Tin Pan Alley days. Jazz was evolving from the rollicking New Orleans sound to a more sedate and intellectual form we associate with the bebop sound of the post war New York, and the Gershwin’s took that as the backbone of their music. Jazz was denounced from the pulpit, so naturally everyone wanted to dance to it.

This collection was pulled together by Mr. Long and Mr. Allen, the music is the main event even as the singers act out each little number. If you hang around musical theatre you’ve heard many of these: “ ‘S Wonderful, “Someone To Watch Over You”, and “I Got Rhythm” are all standards we love, but a few nice obscurities creep in like “The Back Bay Polka” and “Little Jazz Bird”. The cast was a selection of regulars from past shows and a new comer, Kasey Sollenberger joined Roy Alan, Shawn Kilgore, Natalie Cordone, Kate Zaloumes and Victor Souffrant. Every one of these performers can tap like mad, and there were perhaps a half dozen tap routines. They were sweating, but you couldn’t see it – they’re THAT good. Rob Win Anderson has joined the WPPH team for this show, and he seems to be everywhere these days. It’s a good addition; the choreography was sharper and more thorough than in the past. No political messages here, no brooding chord structures, just a fun evening watching very skilled people do what they love best.

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