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20 Nothing

20 Nothing

Directed by Debra Christopher

Last Minute Panic Productions

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, Green Venue</strong>

Kids these days! With their Instagrams and text messages and student debts that would make a third world county blush…deep down their hopes and fears aren’t any different than any generation before or likely to come after. There’s a fear of GMO and Terrorism, but they forget nuclear holocaust and polio. But the basic needs of acceptance, community, love and getting a decent job remain, those are eternal issues and this string of vignettes tackles all of them head on. The show is presented as a series of 20 or so vignettes, each is a nice study scene but they do not form a coherent story: it’s as if these young people are thrashing about and reaching out, some ask the question “What are we to do? Where are we to go?” while others report back “I went here, I did this, I felt this way.” It boils down to sex and booze and instant communication, there’s an awareness that the Permanent Record I was told about has moved from a file in the principal’s office to a hard drive in the cyberspace. Ultimately, these indiscretions will fade, and these people will fill our roles when we are gone and they will complain to each other: “Kids these days!”

This production is part of the 2014 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Information on tickets and show times may be found at

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