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The Fringe Omnibus for May 23, 2016

The Fringe Omnibus for May 23, 2016

Passing through maximum Q:

21 Chump Street (Purple)

High school is bad enough; there’s no need to add cops and entrap kids into exchanging drugs they don’t have for a prom date they’ll never get. This student Theatre Vérité productions zips along but stops short; a little more denouement would buff it up.

Sex with Animals (Blue) Despite the title this is not about bestiality although it does have expresso-strong sexual content. Ryan the Bisexual Lion carefully enumerates animal sex habits and then makes a case for polygamy/polyandry. He wrap up with a Tindr pickup who is conveniently waiting for him outside the venue door. Kinky.

The Great & Powerful Tim: World’s Worst Supervillain (Red) Tim wants to take over the world through supervillain channels; we help him pick cards, find coins and generally support his silly but fun magic show. While super villainy isn’t what it was in the Golden age he’s still making the effort and his side kick Notary Public Woman is a hoot.

The Foreplay: An Exploration of the Birth of our Nation (Pink) The arguments over America’s founding documents were heated and passionate; the thunder but not the lightning of the Bill of Rights fills the stage tonight. Snarky Thomas Jefferson, squishy James Madison and stentorian George Mason argue points and mock today’s society. They also yell a lot; it keeps up the tension but tires the listener.

These show was presented as part of the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival. For show times, tickets and more information please visit .

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