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Diary of a New York City Nanny

Diary of a New York City Nanny

Featuring Kelly Morris Rowan

Spotlight Cabaret

July 14, 2016

Winter Park Playhouse, Winter Park FL</strong>

If you can make it in Orlando, I guess you can make it anywhere in Central Florida. But Ms. Rowan started out with bigger dreams; she moved to NYC like so many other starry-eyed youngsters. There she hit the pavement on Broadway yet found her biggest success as a nanny to the offspring of the rich and famous. Tonight’s collection of songs and stories takes us back to her early years. She begins with “New York, New York” and ends somewhere on the “Voices of Liberty” stage at Epcot. Ms. Rowan does not lack high level skills; she just blames her New York career miss on the mass of talented competition, many of whom were thinner, younger, and perhaps even better looking, although I think that might be a stretch. She tells us some clean Renaissance Faire stories then gives us “On the Other Side of the Tracks,” “The Girl in 14G,” and “What More Do I Need?” which made up the bones of the evening; tales of small children and their obsession with Disney lyrics gave us the paint and paper. Ms. Rowan’s a gem, she has a twinkle in her voice and loads of stage charm that’s even warmer face to face.

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