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Class of ‘59: 10 Year Reunion

Class of ‘59: 10 Year Reunion

Written and Directed by Wade Hair

Breakthrough Theater

Winter Park, FL</strong>

Having struggled to stay conscious during a Greek adaptation, I am happy to report “Class of ‘59” contains absolutely no complex metaphors, no deconstructionist symbolism, and no endless monologs about the uselessness of living. Instead, it’s looking back and we are suddenly in 1969 celebrating the transition from high school greases and do wop hits to mid- life middle class jobs and your music becoming “Oldies”. The reunion is led by principal Stevenson (Wade Hair) and his secret crush Mary Lou (Kelly Elisabeth Fagin). He’s acquired a head of industrial carpeting and she’s still shy, but there’s hope for a happy ending tonight. As they flirt and avoid the question, the class sings songs, dances up a a storm, and burnishes the patina of nostalgia some people have for high school. We get a few of Breakthrough’s signature high density dance numbers (“Rock Around the Clock,” “At the Hop”) some medleys that flowed nicely by both the guys (The King Pins) and the gals (The Poodle-ettes). Everybody got a solo number including the stunning “Unchained Melody” sung by Gonzolo Mendez and “These Boots Were Made for Walking” by Iris M Johnson. If my high school had been this skilled, I might have enjoyed it. It’s a fun show, and doesn’t even have that spilled milk smell real high schools still feature.

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