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Who Killed Santa?

Who Killed Santa?

By Neil Haven

Directed by Winnie Wenglewick

Dangerous Theater

Sanford, FL</strong>

I didn’t know the guy was even sick, never mind dead. Even the North Pole has its holiday parties, and tonight Santa (Wenglewick) started early. Soon the guests show up: Tiny Tim (Julian Seppala), Rudolph (Lars Carlile), Frosty (Logan Blake), Steve, The Little Drummer Boy (), and the new girl “Chastity” (Megan Markham). Even the tooth fairy knocked, but Santa wouldn’t let her in, she’s just not seasonal enough. There’s drinking, there’s innuendo, and there are pranks like giving Frosty a hot chocolate. Amazingly, people even drink Zima. Where the heck do you get ZIMA today? Well, like any wild celebrity party things get out of hand and what do you know? They kill the old gifter. Detective Wenglewick appears, does some investigating, and then ends up on the body pile herself. This no way to celebrate the holiday and everyone has a motive and an opportunity: Rudolf’s sexuality, Drummer Boy’s poor sex life, Frostie’s loose connection to the seasonality all give reasonable doubts, but we still have a body to explain to the North Pole Police. After an hour of gags and weird jokes, it’s time to get all Sluthie and have the audience pick the criminal. I could give away the ending, but it will change next time, so you take your chances. It might even be YOU.

The show is goofy fun; bad jokes land and sometimes splat as the holiday icons reveal their conventional elaborate back stories. Many of the jokes are a bit off color, so beware of bringing children unless they are old enough to stab Santa themselves. The laugh lines are frequent, even as the cast seems to freeze from time to time. Be aware if you sit in the front row, you may be recruited as an elf, but even if not, you will be required to wear an elf hat. There’s a big slug of stuff happening at Dangerous this month and it’s largely aimed at the less traditional audience, and most nights have two shows running early and late. Check their calendar, and check out the alternate holiday backstories.

For more information on Dangerous Theatre, please visit Please note Dangerous Theatre operates in both Sanford, FL and Denver CO.

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