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Royal Trux

Royal Trux

White Stuff

Fat Possum

Adam and Eve composed with the torpor of Spicoli greasing Gullwings for his Gordon and Smith & Wesson. Cannot deny western chord progressions, duality of personae, hooks, observational humors. As Trux records go-go, expect a distracted jog through the park – with few peers – making music rock.

Did we need White Stuff? Dunno. Here it is. Parts insular, proletariat, libertarian, bumptious. But why? The answer my friends is blowing in the face of contemporary anything that quivers when offered an escape hatch out of the cultural echo chambers. Sing along inside the title track’s frame narrative, or unravel hemp pumps to “Purple Audicity #2” and its blithe slur of “We are the champions”. Princely Queen seeks valiant haircut. Sic ‘em slowly. Digitally maximalist, lyrically minimal.

A few takeaways from me, as a longtime fan, one time member of the Pink Hearts Society, with the good fortune to interview Jennifer and Neil decades ago include:

• Trux shapeshifted from day one. This is no exception.

• As others have noted, “Accelerator” is the precedent though the gorgeous extrapolations of “Sweet Sixteen” and abbreviated and intoxicated swank of “Hero/Zero” factor.

• The record is anthemic, goofy, a blurred grocery list.

• Kool Keith’s appearance lends credibility neither Trux or Doctor Octagon needed. But the sound is undeniably 21st century.

• “Shoes and Tags” may be political. I do not care. Wimbly, wombly.

• If you’ve never heard them or of them, go back to “Cats and Dogs”.

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