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Silver Relics

Silver Relics



Not everybody can sing like Geddy Lee, but that’s why he’s the Rock God he is. But there are always contenders snipping at his heels and Silver Relics poses a serious threat. Lead vocalist Alex Sepassi hits the high notes and energizes the lyrics as well any hard rocking band out there. By track two on this noteworthy debut album, we hear an open lament that applies to anyone with David Lee Roth aspirations: “Save me from myself!” he begs. These guys are early starters, and this hard rocking band is way too good for me to step in and throw a cold, damp bar napkin on its self-destructive triumph.

Silver Relics is the sort of band you can either use to transport yourself back to a post-pubescent memory lane, or an introduction to one of the high points of old school excess. They even squeeze in a call for one of the legendary bar classics from the era: when is the last time you called for a Tequila sunrise? It’s one shot of tequila, one of orange juice, some maraschino, and chaser of regret. And it was the best regret you’ll ever have. I love this album even if it’s an exhausting Listen. Silver Relics rocks you like a hurricane and fits clever lyrics among the oft used but never exhausted power chords. I haven’t looked to see how this band dresses, but its fashion begs for tight trousers, long hair and LOTS of attitude.

This, my friends, is rock and roll as both God and Satan intended.

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