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Via Della Gioia


TangOstinato has just released a jazz album with eclectic influences including tango and classical. It’s a remarkable collaboration between pianist Luca Aletta and bassist Stefano Cardillo. The record starts with “Oblivion,” an atmospheric and immersive number. The soundscape that the artists create in this cut is vivid. The composition gradually builds in intensity and complexity, which is thrilling to listen to. The piano melody in this track is a highlight. It carries the energy and driving momentum of the song, tying everything together.

The title track features a stunning piano arrangement. The cadence and tone of the recording are poignant and evocative. Aletta simply paints so much emotion and feeling into the piece that it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. “Seven Eights” is one of the highlights on the record. The bass line in this track is rhythmic and deep. It carries the melody of the song and adds in a beautiful textural layer. “Mare Lucis” is the perfect end to the record. The arrangement has an almost unsettling quality. There is a dark vibe and slow-burning energy for this tune that is captivating.

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