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Dreamerz&Co is not exactly a band but Adriaan Dorresteijn with a revolving group of musicians from in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, they have a rather distinctive creative approach and consistently sound like a band on every release. Their music is a strong blend of blues, classic rock, and many other influences. All of these different stylistic elements converge beautifully into the mix, allowing them to create a listening experience that’s diverse and exciting for the audience.

Their most recent single is the ominously named “Demons.” In spite of the darkness of the title, this song is actually quite uplifting. The track kicks off with a guitar line, and it moves into a musical territory that’s almost like a blend of funk, rock, and blues. I love the vintage flavor of the production, which makes me think of artists as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and even Iggy Pop, only to mention a few. This is a fun and direct cut to listen to, and every element is balanced. The guitars are edgy and creamy, the drums are even and solid, while the bass really lets the groove move. I also admire the vocals with the smooth keyboard parts adding some extra details. Recommended.

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