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Mixtape 135 :: Bottle Rocket Baby

Mixtape 135: Bottle Rocket Baby

FEATURED: Hissing steam and spitting fire, the Old 97s chew up the rails and cross-ties by playing country music with a punk attitude.

ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: 2nd Grade, Boney M., decker., Dexter Romweber, The Districts, Duplex, Ebo Taylor, The Flaming Lips, Golden Shoulders, Holy Fuck, House of Freaks, Jackson And His Computerband, The Just Joans, L.A. Witch, Lettuce, Lisa LeBlanc, Low Frequency In Stereo, matt pond PA, Messer Chups, Mother Mother, Noisettes, Old 97’s, Otto von Schirach, The Pack A.D., Sarah Alden , Sarah Vaughan, Shlohmo, Soul Coughing, Soul Quality Quartet, They Might Be Giants, The Young Fresh Fellows

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