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Maki Mae

Maki Mae

Seasonal Songbook

Maki Mae is a talented musician who recently released a beautiful studio album titled Seasonal Songbook. This record features the artist’s take on several classics, and there is also room for some amazing collaborations. Most notable, Robbie Krieger of The Doors joined Mae in a stunning rendition of “My Favorite Things.” In addition to that, Mae also collaborated with Ed Roth (Joe Walsh, Annie Lennox) as well as Aubrey Leonard, among others. The album features a collection of beautiful songs that are hallmarks of the holidays, including timeless classics such as “Silent Night” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” In addition to that, one of the highlights on this album is Mae’s heartwarming take on “You Raise Me Up,” which encapsulates her musicianship. Mae has a beautiful voice, and her violin lines are emotional and seamless, showcasing a smooth and unapologetic playing style that sets the bar higher in this production. The overall level of musicianship on this album is astonishing, as all the instruments are performed with passion and expertise, and recorded with clarity and focus.

It is safe to say that this is not your average holiday album, as Mae goes to great lengths not only to pick songs that will suit her, but also to rework them in different ways, giving them a new aesthetic that the audience might not expect right away. In other words, Mae does not just attempt to cover songs: she transforms these numbers, treating listeners to a unique experience. With this fresh approach, cover songs are more akin to complete reinventions, allowing listeners to enjoy some of the melodies they know and cherish, but under a completely different creative perspective, which is so innovative and emotionally rich. There is a lot to unwrap on this album, and each song feels like a special sonic journey in its own right.

This innovative twist makes for a fresh and one-of-a-kind approach, which is magical and immersive. Clever instrumentation appears throughout the entire album: you’ll hear violins, electric guitars, percussion, organ, drums, piano, bass, and so much more. Listen to Mae’s music and check out Seasonal Songbook, which is now available on Spotify, and other digital streaming platforms.

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