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David Duchovny

David Duchovny


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David Duchovny seems to constantly be creating and whether that’s in the form of writing novels, acting, or in this case, as a musician, he’s tapped into what it means to be an artist in every sense of that word. His third album, Gestureland explores ideas of, as David says, “how people are more immersed in the virtual world, everyone making gestures rather than truly connecting”. And with 3 years between his 2018 album Every Third Thought and Gestureland, the band has truly connected, collaborated, and curated 12 songs that will strike a note with anyone listening to these vignettes of storytelling.

“Nights Are Harder These Days” hits like a California-infused punk song with an interesting line in the first verse that states “Drank right past what he had to say, I couldn’t read between the lines.” It’s an intelligent line that seems to hint that even the author may get caught up in the gesture of listening and not truly making that connection of conversation. The band, which is Colin Lee, Pat McCusker, Mitchell Stewart, Kennan O’Meara, and Davis Rowan does an excellent job of bringing just the right amount of sonic swagger to really kick the album off with a bang.

“Chapter and Verse” has catchy vocals and music that I find myself humming often and may be one of my favorites from the album. “Call Me When You Land” explores a parent letting go in various stages of a child’s life from those first steps through sending them off alone on an airplane. Much like Cat Stevens “Father and Son” it’s about wanting to keep holding on while knowing that letting go is the best thing that you can do for them.

Gestureland closes with “Pacific Coast Highway”, which plays out like it could be a plot for a short story, and the final vignette ballad, “Sea of Tranquility”. It’s a very well produced and crafted album that will find a home with fans of, not only the David Duchovney you may know as the celebrity, but also the artist he is behind these songs. Gestureland is available now through your favorite streaming service, as a digital download through online retailers, or a cassette tape via David’s website.

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