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Spencer Hoffman

Spencer Hoffman

A Flower from Behind

Park the Van

Hippies may be gone, but a few new artists look to their earth friendly, non-confrontational stylings. Mr. Hoffman is a poet at heart, and that comes through clearly in his sensitive and touching lyrics. He begins this short project with a 5 track EP infused with steel guitars and a slow moving drum pacing. His smooth voice handles the slow tune easily, and he puts his heart into the sad yet mysterious lyrics. Today he wished “You Were Here” in a strong if noncontroversial lyrical structure. He’s not exactly sad, but he’s nowhere near ready to begin another chase.

“Like a Bird” presses forward with a bit more purpose but with an even bleaker spirit. “God’s like a skylark” he intones, and we hears about the breakup that clearly affects him more than his lyrics acknowledge. That’s fine songwriting: set ‘em up with a happy tune, and mow them down with brutal, heartbreaking emotions.

I’ll wrap up with “Honeybee,” with its sparse arrangement and a man awaking to see his life walked out the door. How or why matters not, Hoffman aims to pour out his broken heart, empty life, and dim prospects no matter how. A drum taps out a soft heartbeat, strings gently hide behind tears, and you just want to give him big old hug. But a hug won’t fix this sadness, only time and poor housekeeping will lead to recovery. This short collection bristles with emotion and musicality, but maybe it’s best if you break up with someone dear before you commit to this short collection. Now I must go get more Kleenex. I’m sorry to bring it up.


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