• Stewart Copeland

    Stewart Copeland

    In America, he’s a well-known film composer. In Italy, he’s a highly-regarded concert drummer. In England he’s a … schlock reality talent show judge? Ian Koss talks to the man behind the drums and Everyone Stares, the recently released documentary about The Police.

  • Everyone Stares

    Everyone Stares

    All good things come to an end, and bands are no exception — often, it’s a grisly, acrimonious end. Police uber-fan Ian Koss can’t tear his eyes away from drummer Stewart Copeland’s ultimate insider perspective on the rise and fall of one of the most unique bands to come out of the ’70s.

  • Andy Summers

    Between his music and photography, how does ex-Police guitarist Andy Summers find time to get in trouble with Mexican drug cartel heavies? Ian Koss uncovers the story.

  • Niacin

    Time Crunch (Magna Carta). Review by George Jegadesh.

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