• My Best Friend

    My Best Friend

    A stiff antique dealer discovers he has no friends, and sets out to get one. Carl F Gauze, the George Bailey of Orlando if there ever was one, has trouble understanding his plight in Patrice LeConte’s film.

  • The Valet

    The Valet

    A French Chick Flick with a stellar cast. Oui, oui says man’s man Carl F Gauze!

  • The Closet

    What can possibly make a terminally boring accountant not only interesting, but a cause celebré among family, friends, and co-workers at a French condom factory? Coming out of The Closet, naturally! Carl F. Gauze came — err, went — out to see the French film farce, and recommends that you come out, too.

  • The Widow of St. Pierre

    A French film about existentialism and death may sound like a gloomy affair, but Carl F. Gauze finds The Widow of St. Pierre quite palatable. Viva La France!

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