• An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil

    An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil

    Using the blog format as a literary device is an innovative gambit, and Ian Koss is suitably impressed with the results in Jim Munroe’s new novel. This also answers the question about what to do when you’re young and you’ve got a winning occult ritual/performance art piece – go on tour with indie bands!

  • Everyone In Silico

    What happens when an Adbusters editor tries speculative fiction? The answer is Jim Munroe’s new novel, Everything In Silico. Ian Koss consumes and reports.

  • Angry Young Spaceman

    What happens when the Americanization of world culture is played out on an intergalactic scale? That’s the question answered by Jim Munroe’s new novel, Angry Young Spaceman. Ian Koss tells you all about it — in English, the intergalactic language of business.

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