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News Feed for Saturday, July  8

News Feed for Saturday, July 8

News Feed

In the news today: Sundara Karma, Peter Gabriel, Kristin Hersh, Wet Leg, Depeche Mode, Cinema Cinema!, Thor, Swans, The Voidz, Metric, Noel Gallagher, Garbage

The Avengers

Screen Reviews

Does the long-anticipated superhero all-star flick live up to the hype? Steve Stav’s short answer is “Hulk smash!”

Modern Masters Volume Eight: Walter Simonson

Print Reviews

It’s easy to appreciate a comic artist’s craft. But what goes on behind the scenes? How does a Great One get to be… well, Great? Matthew Moyer gets the scoop on Walter Simonson in the latest installment of TwoMorrow’s Modern Masters series.

Waiting For Thor


Sean Carswell examines the systematic pillaging of Indian (or Native American, if you prefer) spirituality by the New Age set and the hypocrisy of organized religion.

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Best of Five

Best of Five

Screen Reviews

Not everyone can be excited by blocks spinning on a screen, but if you are, Ian Koss recommends you pay attention to Best of Five.



Event Reviews

Jeremy Glazier shoots a CAKE headline show at McGrath Amphitheater.