• Reading Writing

    Reading Writing

    What does a literary critic want from a literary critic? Eric J. Iannelli finds the answer in Reading Writing, the first English translation of nonagenarian Julien Gracq‘s unique musings on the republic of letters.

  • Martian Dawn

    Martian Dawn

    What happens when a poet works out his typing hand for a novel about Hollywood celebs hashing out their tabloid dramas in space? Brittany Sturges is left quite un-starstruck.

  • Best Selling Jewish Porn Films

    Best Selling Jewish Porn Films

    The only thing that can stop Carl F. Gauze from reading Wayne Koestenbaum’s enjoyable new volume of poetry is … Hold on a sec. Who’s there? Pizza? I didn’t order a pizza….

  • The Near Future

    The Near Future

    Old people finding romance and adventure in the seedy side of Florida? No, it’s not life on the mean streets of Bradenton, it’s Joe Ashby Porter’s new novel. Carl F. Gauze gives it a close read.

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