The Kossabone Red

The Kossabone Red

with Carlisle, Keith Welsh, Nobuhjest

Theatre Of Pain, Orlando • 11.29.97

A show played from the heart. Arriving late caused me to miss both The Systematics and Sincerely Yours. The Kossabone Red from Atlanta leaned towards the noisily melodic side of emo a la Cap’n Jazz. Sloppy and tight? Yes, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Tight in that they played as one, sloppy as in the notes didn’t always fall right in time. So what. With the mess came sincerity, passion and high energy.

Keith Welsh stepped on stage next to bare his heart with an acoustic guitar and well-sung songs about girls. His style is folksy, his lyrics honest, and he wins over some of the strangest crowds. Tonight was no exception. Carlisle was next, playing forceful, driving music combining the pretty and the abrasive with banshee shrieked vocals. From manic to swoon and back, all with style, crazy energy and togetherness. Nobuhjest rounded out the night with intelligent emotive songs mixing hints of Garden Variety and maybe Boys Life, some say Unwound. Whichever, they’ve tightened up a lot, playing more confidently and writing more mature songs. One of my favorite bands before, now even more so.

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