Bobby Radcliff

Bobby Radcliff

Live at the Ryborn

Black Top

A small New Hampshire town for a venue and an artist whose name is unknown to many may not seem like the formula for a successful live recording. Yet, when you first hear Live at the Ryborn you realize Bobby Radcliff does not need gimmicks or heavy promotion; he lets his music do the talking. And I, for one, am damn glad he spoke.

Pure energy and talent do not often go hand in hand. Bobby Radcliff is an exception to this rule. On this, his first live release, you will experience his awesome power, and feel his love for playing to an audience. I found Radcliff to be one of the most exciting and accomplished guitarists I have ever heard. He tears through a variety of compositions with soulful abandon. Whether it be a more traditional blues tune, R&B, or just good time jammin’, the man doesn’t miss a beat. Radcliff’s interpretations of tunes from blues legends like Junior Wells (“Early in the Morning”) and Buddy Guy (“Ten Years Ago”) are simply incredible. If you have any doubts left after the first six tracks , the solo on track seven, “Kool & the Gang,” will make you a believer!

If you are a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tinsley Ellis, Brian Setzer, Buddy Guy, or any other R&B/blues artist whose guitar playing moves you, then take the hint; Bobby Radcliff is an earthquake that’s off the richter. Black Top, 2103 N.Decatur Rd., Suite 210, Decatur, GA 30033

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