Fila Brazillia

Fila Brazillia

Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight

Pork Records UK

Thar’ she blows! This is quite possibly the best album of the year. Lemme try and explain why. First off, Fila Brazillia, while only in existence for about 3 years, have carved out a prolific niche in ambient-dub-n-bass music that should be recognized along the same lines of importance as Kraftwerk’s output from 1977 through 1981. Add to this the fact that in 1997 alone, Fila Brazillia have had not one, not two, but three full length albums released. Three! Only Frank Sinatra and Elvis were as busy during their heydays! Three records, and they all rock to boot, not to mention scores of remix projects on top! Now, with that aside, lemme try and tell you why again. Take all the elements of ambient that make ambient ambient. Now remove any dreariness or sleep induced harmonies. Now add equal doses of jazz, drum and bass, trip-hop, lounge, a sense of humor, and smoking grooves. Now you’re coming close to Fila. Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight not only successfully melds many styles together, they play with, remold, reshape and defy categorization with them.

Am I gushing? It’s difficult to tell you why this is so good other than to say it just is. There is goofy giggling, subtle yet very engaging arrangement, delicious beats and grooves, and a much more playful and jazzier feel than any of their previous albums. Whether you are a casual listener of electronic music or enjoy it hardcore, there is more than enough room for this record in your collection. It’s a damn shame modern electronic pundits harp on Aphex Twin, Future Sound of London, Orbital, and Prodigy as the future of electronics. Given this duo’s creative and engaging output in 1997, I can only hope 1998 bears similar fruit.

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