Lords of Acid

Lords of Acid

Our Little Secret

Antler Subway/WaxTrax!

I’ve always kept a strong sense of humor when listening to the Lords of Acid, and if my assumptions are right, so do they. Voodoo U‘s overuse of guitars must have educated The Lords on how to add guitar without compromising the hard-core techno sound. The resulting product of Our Little Secret is more reminiscent of Lust, and far more natural in sound. Vocally, the Lords are sticking with a very Digital Orgasm style, with lots of emphasis on sex and drugs. It wouldn’t be The Lords of Acid otherwise. “Pussy Round” and “Spank My Booty” call to the old school rap sounds of 2 Live Crew and Salt n’ Pepper respectively. I just couldn’t control the laughter that came over me as they spun in the CD player. Overall only three songs exceed four minutes, and though the beat stays very similar, the changing textures and vocals keep it fresh and new. Only “The Power Is Mine” recalls the heavy guitars of Voodoo U, though it rings far closer to a KMFDM sound than anything else. If you liked Lust and found Voodoo U rather lackluster, Our Little Secret is worth checking out, but be sure to bring your sense of humor.

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