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Owners of Power Macs who are using Deck II, Premier, and/or Vision will be pleased to know that Bias (Berkeley Integrated Audio Software) has just released a new effects plug-in called SFX Machine ($299). SFX Machine is a sheer joy to use and comes packed with usable features. One of the unique aspects of SFX Machine is its hybrid design, which combines the power and flexibility of modular synthesis with the convenience of a multi-effects processor. Offering high quality DSP effects within a simple and elegant user interface, the software package also includes a variety of synthesis tools that allow you to creatively sculpt your sounds in different and unique ways.

SFX provides more than one hundred different presets in the Multi-Effects Window, including some very interesting sounding effects such as Sitar Drone, Munchkin Chorus, and Echo Feedback. Each preset can be modified and then stored as a new preset. In the modular synthesizer mode, up to eight stereo modules utilizing any of nine seperate sources, modified by any of eleven DSP processes, and routed through thirteen modulation sources, result in a stunning array of signal shaping possibilities. If you add up all of these features, and then throw in the way-cool Randomizer function that automatically reconfigures each parameter with one click of a mouse, you find yourself with a very fun and useful audio package that should keep you blissfully happy for quite some time.

SFX Machine, and all of the products from BIAS, including Peak and Peak LE, are worth checking for your Macintosh. You can find out more about BIAS by checking out their website at

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