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Sweet Diesel



An amazing full-length release from one of New York City’s most enduring, powerful bands, Sweet Diesel. Enduring? Well, they apparently sing about that in “Work So Hard.” Musically, Sweet Diesel at times has seemed a combination of Slayer and Soundgarden and at other times an LA hardcore band. On Wrongville, though, they’ve really matured into a super-hard rockin’ angst-ridden power pop band. “Down Again,” drives home the band’s message that they’re fighters and that they like to play around with Black Sabbath tunes every now and then! “Unconstable” sounds like the last plea for help from someone who doesn’t belong in Brooklyn – at least not that particular part of Brooklyn (read: “it’s full of punk angst directed at who knows, you figure it out!). “Puppet,” “Wrongville,” and “Assout” are great, hard noisepunk songs, much along the lines of, say, a very bluesy Prong. “Note to Myself” sounded to me like Sweet Diesel wants to record an album of Flipper covers! Wrongville is right up your alley if you want to hear some great, diverse noisy punk. Gypsy Records, 740 Broadway, New York NY 10003

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