All Saints/Thirsty Ear

The sounds of a plane, the earth’s hum, and passersby guide us into an ambient bed which blooms lullaby loops, rainstorms, vibrations, songs of the wind, soft impressionist paintings, the rhythm of the freedom of the sky. Freefloating through the song of a building or gushing through the bottom of a river in a cave.

Geir Jenssen is our composer guide through the eerily relaxing Substrata. “As the sun kissed the horizon,” “Poa alpina,” “Hyperborea,” “Sphere of no form” are but some of our journey’s apt chapter titles. Basically, it sounds a lot like Eno in a lot of different ways. Now if you consider everything that Eno has done, that’s a lot of ways and sounds, and Biosphere offers them up in new combinations and interpretations. It’s probably safe to say that Substrata was once a Hershey bar in Eno’s back pocket. Hmm, maybe we should all have a little Eno DNA in us.

It’s likely that you won’t walk away singing any of these “tunes,” but you will get to know yourself and your Biosphere a little better. Thirsty Ear Recordings, 274 Madison Ave., Suite 804, New York, NY 10016

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