Home Made

Home Made

As We Fall


Here’s a band that thanks people for retaining their anger!

I have to like that! It’s all the more easy that Home Made is blazing fast, incredible energetic punk rock. They’re fast, like hardcore punk is supposed to be, and unforgiving, too!

However, upon close inspection of their lyrics, I’m confused. Their music says they’re against the world, but their lyrics say they’re not into hatred. “But Now” is an anti-racism song, which is fine, and “Revolutions” is about teenagers tired of being pushed around by adults… Wait a minute! Those adults currently paying attention were punks twenty years ago! What’s up with this?

OK, digression… “Just Because” is an intense song about how respect for authority must be earned by that authority; you don’t just fall into it, Mr. Bossman! “As We Fall” is totally unexpected. It’s a song about a soldier returning from Viet Nam, as seen through the eyes of someone who needs to understand that LBJ is the real culprit… But I suspect the key to the song is that right now the world is more screwed-up than ever with the perception of urban violence and all. OK, I can appreciate the contrast. Overall, As We Fall is a classic, great hardcore punk record. Calling all punks! Theologian Records, P.O. Box 1070, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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