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Noah’s Red Tattoo

Record Low Turnout

A pretty interesting album of power pop from these dudes in Gainesville. Their intricate guitar work makes me think they’re more than just a late ’90s college band… Noah’s Red Tattoo play some good “alternative” pop, although I wish they sounded meaner since their songs aren’t about nice things. For instance, “Day My sister,” as I read it, is about the singer’s sister moving away from home, OK, so far no problem… then he goes into football players crashing cars. “New Jersey Highway Disaster” is even trickier as it has a great, pounding sound, but the song’s about avoiding the cops with a dead body all over your car! “Return of the Shaker” has some serious pop groove in it, but the song is about killing yourself! (I think…) I hope Noah’s Red Tattoo don’t kill themselves before they record some more depressing, yet joyfully-whiny melodic pop. Noah’s Red Tattoo, P.O. Box 15106, Gainesville, FL 32604

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