Jule Brown

Jule Brown

Occurrence at Jule Brown Bridge

No. 6

Last time I saw Jule Brown, I made an ignorant ass of myself by remarking to members of Jennyanykind (who share members with Jule Brown) that I was glad they’d brought him along. Older and wiser, I must say that to my ears this excursion shows more of the Mark Holland/Jennyanykind style than The Legendary Magic of Jule BrownOccurrence features a combination of fluid, shimmering guitar, pensive bass and light-fingered drumming. The number three has great musical significance.

Still, Jule Brown stands on its own, having many of its own characteristics to distinguish it from the more explosive Jennyanykind. If introspective lyrics backed by intricate musicianship is your thing, this is probably for you. No. 6 Records, P.O. Box 5037, New York, NY 10185; http://www.unc.edu/~holland3

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