Here’s To Nothing!

Have you ever been on a date and everything is going just fine and all of a sudden… you feel the need to… well, you know… pass some gas? You lift one cheek and let it out very quietly and blame it on the dog or something. Yes folks, we’re talking about the “One Cheek Sneak.” A favorite at EGG’s live shows can be found here on their debut CD, Here’s To Nothing!

You won’t find yourself digging deep into the meaning of their songs or discussing the intricate chords being played by guitarist Kevin Sax on his Gibson Explorer. However, you may find yourself chuggin’ down yer beer and raising your fist high up in the air as bassist/vocalist John Alvarez sings “I’m a dick, I’m a dick, I’m a f**king dick” on the last track titled, you guessed it… “Dick.”

You can’t help but notice the influence of 70’s gods such as The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, and even Cheap Trick on these 7 tracks, which by the way, were mastered by Ed Mashall (Eagles “Hotel California” and “The Long Run”). Big bucks you say? Not really. EGG managed to trade a pool table to the studio in exchange for the recording time. The Hialeah-based trio, which also consists of female drummer Kim Sanchez, seized the opportunity and gave it everything they had, producing a fine collection of catchy, three-chord, balls-out, punk-ish rock songs. The subject matter? Ah, the usual… jobs that suck, having no friends, stumbling home drunk, and oh yeah, I almost forgot, dicks and farts. EGG, 1640 W. 74 St., Hialeah, FL 33014

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