Killing Some Dead Time


Named after a “private dick” show out of Germany, Libido heads into 1998 with an exceptional debut album. Killing Some Dead Time is loaded with lyrics that are both personal and universal, about the anxieties and urgencies that posses us all. Musically, Libido sounds rich and textured. Applause to their producer. “Remarkably Abnormal” sounds remarkably like the Afghan Whigs trouncing through misery. That song, however, does not complete the Libido sound. They also have a knack for the perfect pop hook. “Supersonic Daydream,” “Revolving” and “Blow” all bathe themselves in Beatles wash water. I’m not sure if this was pure luck or what, but “Annie’s Song” by the late great John Denver is covered feverishly. Perhaps it was just coincidence or maybe it was the cash in on Denver’s death principle that intrigues me. With scruples like these, maybe these boys will one day walk on water across the Atlantic with revelations. Velvel Records, 740 Broadway, New York, NY 1003

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