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Portable P.A. System


Portable P.A. Systems and phenomenal sound quality together is an impossibility… Or is it? “Not so,” says the Fender music company. Fender has unleashed the hottest selling portable P.A. System, the Passport. Transported like an ordinary suitcase, the Passport splits into three sections: the Power Tower and two pole-mountable speakers. The Power Tower houses dual 125-watt amplifiers. There are 4 mono XLR mic inputs and two stereo inputs (RCA or TRS 1/4 inch). Each channel has its own volume, e.q. and reverb. Channel One features the VIP function, which when spoken into, backs down the volume of the other channels. Channels 1-4 feature pan knobs. The Power Towers amplifiers can also be used as a main/monitor configuration. Fender has provided two microphones with on/off switches and cables, speaker cables to connect the Power Tower to the speakers, an intuitive manual and a 5-year warranty. Upon disassembly, all microphones and cables fit securely into a concealed compartment in the back of the Power Tower. The speakers then re- attach to the Power Tower and the Passport is ready to be transported away just like luggage. The Fender Passport retails for $900.00, but can be seen for as low as $649.99. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The Fender Passport sure does!

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