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Sub Pop

There’s something when two guys really make the “cosmic connection” and can create a specific, private, and functioning form of communication — a pseudo twin speak. A sort of shared and singular vision. Godheadsilo is one of the most daring and independent of such visions, shared by Dan Haugh and Mike Kunka. This “band” has stripped rock’n’roll down to its barest of essentials — the rhythm section — and returned with a sound larger than most heavy metal five epics.

One can dwell on the fact that a sound so heavy could be produced by just two guys without the use of a guitar, but a drum kit, guitar, mike and a row of effects. The fact is, just when you’d think they’ve done all you possibly could do with their limited range of equipment — and strings — they still manage to summon up even greater potential between the two of them.

With the exception of their cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” (which may promise them necessary college radio airtime) Share the Fantasy offers some of GHS’ best material to date. Whereas with previous releases, there was a sense of haste to “fool” their audience into forgetting the guitar was missing, Fantasy makes no bones in exploiting GHS’ minimalist nature to the very end. It’s a shame Godheadsilo is somewhat of an acquired taste. They offer so much to reflect upon about the nature of sound. I dare you to Share the Fantasy. Sub Pop Records, P.O. Box 20645, Seattle, WA 98102; http://www. subpop.com

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