Moped Lads

Moped Lads

Rock ‘N Roll Girl


Really fine, totally retarded punk rock from Germany. The music is of the style known and loved by fans of classic punk rock, and that means lots of guitars played fast with extremely retarded lyrics. Not only are the lyrics retarded, but I’m convinced the band members are as well. They’re photographed on the album wearing strangely colored outfits and equally strange pigmentation on their faces. Two of the Moped Lads have white faces, on is blue and the other a deep puke green. If they’re not retarded, then they’re at least a bunch of clowns.

The songs are in English, and so is the band’s humor, which probably will get them kicked out of Germany. Of note is their ode to G.G. Allin, “Scumfuck.” V&V Productions, Langrutiweg 20, 6330 Cham, Germany. Send ’em a FAX at ++41 (0)41 781 04 11 Cargo Records, 1525 West Homer, Chicago, IL 60621

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